Materias Primas Ale is a 100% originating enterprise from Nuevo León in which day by day there are more satisfied customers due to the given quality and service.

In just one place you can find all necessary for artistic elaboration of pieces of variously materials for common use and consume at highest quality according to the requirements from the FDA. (Food and Drug Administration)


Wholesale, retail sell, training and courses.

We are a company established with the goal of satisfy our client necessities in elaboration area of chocolate, cookies, jellies, candies, cakes, candles, soap, plaster shapes and ceramics, providing technical attention on confection art.

We aspire to be your preferable company. Give us chance to serve you.

Because of the necessity that existed on market of acquiring molds and prime materials in the same place, at an accessible price and without neglect the quality, it was born Materias Primas Ale with the straight conviction of being the most important enterprise on the branch, based on exportation quality and peerless prices.