Frequently Asked Questions


1.-In which value are prices?
R.- Mexican Pesos.

2.-How can I acquire your products?
R.-Visit the section How to Buy.

3.-There are available courses of elaboration of soap, chocolate, candles, plaster shapes, etc.?
R.- Yes, there are, in Cumbres Branch Store only.

4.-What is required to be distributor of Materias Primas Ale?
R.-Enter the Distributors section to know all the requisites.

5.-How can I be able to the wholesale prices?
R.-Minimal buy order value of $2000.00 Mexican Pesos.

6.-Who pays the send cost of the merchandise?
R.-The send cost is for client account. Our prices are L.A.B. in our plant.
7.-Do you sell products out of Mexico?
R.-Yes, orders are supplied by: DHL, UPS and Fedex.

8.-Do you make customized molds?
R.-Yes, we need to see the desired figure to make a quoting, or we are disposed to develop prototypes of the order.

9.-Once accomplished my first wholesale order, are other purchases sold at wholesale price?
R.-To obtain wholesale price, as minimal, it is necessary to make orders greater than $2000.00 Mexican Pesos each time a buy purchase is done.

10.-Are finished products sold?
R.-Yes, in Cumbres Branch Store only.

11.-How much time does delays a purchase?
R.-After receiving the copy of the deposit voucher by fax medium or by e-mail, from 2 to 3 working days it will be send the order.

12.-How much does a mold last long?
R.-With appropriated care the mold will last about more than 2 years.

13.- How is elaborated soap, chocolate, candles, plaster shapes, etc.?
R.-Visit the Recipes section.

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