Distributor's Bennefits

  1. Exclusive Access to our Distributors Area
  2. Special Distributor's Price on every item in our Catalog (Minimum shopping amount: 2,000 pesos)
  3. Advertising in our website.
  4. Reference to potential clients in your zone.
  5. Priority & Less production time.
  6. Official polo shirt with Moldes Ale logo (Unique article sent with your first distributor shipment.)
  7. Moldes Ale fabric Banner (Unique article sent with your first distributor shipment.)
  8. Free Training for all our distributors in Monterrey ( In other cities there is a training fee .)
  9. Remote Asistance by telephone, fax or email.


There are 2 ways of becoming distributor:

  • Buying an amount of $20,000 pesos in no more than six months with retail or wholesale prices.
  • Or buying once with an amount of $20,000 pesos with Distributor prices. 

After any of this all your orders will have charged with distributors prices

For mantining your distributor status you will have to buy regularly with an amount of 2,500 pesos minimum each month, that implies a minimum of 12 annual purchases.

Distributors will mantain an exclusivity so they will not be able to sell o offer other items produced by Moldes Ale.

This includes: molds, inserts, soaps, stencils, sponges, boxes and cake candles

Any other articles non related or non produced by Moldes Ale are free to promote.

There are no exclusivities in any city.