How to Buy

Follow this instructions:

  1. Make a list of the articles you desire, you can start it by clicking on the article to add it to the buy car or you may do it manually.
  2. Write down the next data: complete name,  state or province, city, colony, street, number, ZIP code, phone number, e-mail, and by what freight company would you like to receive your purchase.
  3. You can send your order with your data by the following manner:
    By the virtual buy car, by fax (81)81154122 or by e-mail:
  4. We will answer you with the total of your order.
  5. Once you receive the answer make the deposit pay at:
    HSBC Bank, Plaza Monterrey, account number 4055399588
  6. Confirm your payment using the Report Payment option in our menu or clicking here
  7. Send us by fax (81)81154122 or by e-mail to:  the copy of the voucher.